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Capadocia went to the middle fortress . Central fortress 2-storey house located in a bay consists of orchards . Special cave hotel we went. the hotel had a very large spacious rooms , warm in winter and cool in summer there was a natural ventilation system . We had breakfast in the morning which is completely organic and natural and

drank coffee . Our tour guide went first with Pasabag and Devrent valley . a place to exp valley of the river flowing through the middle . where people live on both sides of the river cave edirne tours is located. Zelva went to the open-air museum . Zelve many balloons were flying height of 250 meters from where we started out and here we had

a very nice view of cappadocia . Balloon tours were celebrating with champagne after .

Cappadocia is a wonderland of wind and rain to cool the lava of Mount Hasan with the effects of this natural wonder was formed cappadocia . Cappadocia is a wonderland and see here, but we went to the open air museum . There were numerous cave and the fairy chimneys . people lived here . There are hidden cave churches and religious worship where people have done it. cappadoce of the most beautiful works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenirs are sold Avanos . Leather made trabzon tours from a wide variety of colors and designs clothes for men and women hand-woven silk and wool carpets are sold. silk goods are sold here . Demirkazik and deep- underground cities and in the winter stormy weather shelter people from the war as soldiers are stored .

The bus ride is approximately 7 hours after Denizli went 4-star thermal hotel. The hotel had a very large pool and plenty of it was very nice to swim here throughout the day. Pool temperature was 20-25 degrees gorgeous pool. Jacuzzi pool, where they had made a very relaxing and pleasant

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